Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Is The New Black

Lately, I have been obsessed with navy or black painted walls in your home. With such a dark backdrop, your furniture and accessories will pop and look rich.  You can paint a dark color in any room of your home to create an elegant, yet casual feel. The white pedestal sink in the powder room, will have the same impact as a white sofa or chair in your living room. If you are not ready to paint the entire room black, you can try put a focal wall first and maybe even a dark grey. If you decide the dark paint isn't your thing, then just re-do it. That is the beauty of paint---you can paint over and over until you find the color that is right for you.

I'm loving how the lime green flowers pop againt the black walls.( It's one of my fav colors to combine with black in your home.) With dark walls, all of your furniture and accessories can be neutral and still create a statement . Plus, anyone can paint the art hanging on the wall. All you need to do is purchase a white canvas at your art store and mount it on your wall. You can always change the color tone by painting the canvas with a tube of white acrylic paint. Plus, it will give the canvas a glossy shine.

This room is a great example of wood panelled walls done right. I like how the black paint from the walls has been carried onto the fireplace.

This is a black painted bathroom done right! However, if orange towels aren't your cup of tea,  you can always change out the color for white, violet or magenta. Personally, I love the the orange and turquoise combo.

This dining room is a great example of how a black painted ceiling can make a room feel warm, cozy and spacious all at the same time.  The ceiling defenitely becomed the focal point in this room, adorned with an elegant crystal chandelier.

Black painted walls-check! Black upholstered headboard-check! Black bedframe-check!  Since the bed linens have been kept simple and white, the all over black color is not overwhelming.        

The black claw foot tube is a dream. However, I'm not quite sure about velvet in the bathroom, but the color is to die for!

Don't be afraid to pull the crown-molding up onto the ceiling and paint it the same color as your walls.

Instead of using paint, you can wallpaper a focal wall like in this kitchen. Plus, the textured paper, also acts as its own piece of art.

Since black is a neutral color, the turquoise painted door trim totlly works.

Black paint and a picture wall. What more could you ask for!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Antlers and Art

I'm a big fan when indoor designs include elements from the outdoors. Which is why I think deer antlers are a must have in any home. Personally, I love the look of high gloss white single antlers displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf, but the selection of deer antlers below come in at a close second. 

I had to look at this pic for a while before I realized that this deeer head is actually a shower head!!!  genius.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Less is so much more..........Selecting fewer, large sized modern frames with white matting, makes each individual picture stand out. This defenitely creates an impact in the room without being too much. Luv!!! It's one of my favorite picture walls from



This is a picture wall where more is more. ....and I luv it!!If I ever get the chance to have a bathroom with a white pedestal sink, this would be it. It's a good mix between girly, masculine  and modern.  But, what I like best about this batroom is the all-over picture wall that goes up towards the ceiling, drawing your eye up to the wood  beams.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I live in a small one-bedroom apartment and displaying all the photos and art I like became overwhelming  since I have limited space. I decided to create a focal wall in my living room that becomes one big piece of art ......and I  love it!! The look of mutiple assorted frames gives the feel of a museum gallery and makes all photos look special.

I found the majority of my frames at discount stores between $1 to $5 and spraypainted them to match my color scheme.I  stuck with black,white and metallic colored-frames, but I def feel like I need to add a pop of color in there somewhere....The rest were ready- made frames I bought at Ikea or already purchased. I eye-balled the design of my frames on the wall, but mapping it out with painters tape is probably the preferred method. 

My Picture Wall
My most favorite prints are the Chanel black/white photgraphs that my mom gave to me as a gift.
 My Inspiration