Sunday, February 27, 2011


Fashion and interiors have always followed the same trends. What is in season for your wardrobe, is also the style for your home. I have chosen the top 10 Oscar dresses from last nights 2011 Academy Awards and paired them all with amazing home interiors.  (Honorable mention goes to Gwenyth Paltrow for having 2 amazing #1 looks at the awards for the red carpet AND her oscar nominated song performance.)

Monday, February 21, 2011

This past weekend I had a good friend come to visit and I took her to my new favorite restaurant, Ruxbin Kitchen in Noble Square, Chicago. What I love about this place is the incredible food, the hardworking staff and the amazing decor!  It is so refreshing to go to a restaurant where they serve great food from appetizers to desserts.

I am dedicating this weeks' post to my fav eatery becasue I want you all to expereience the amazingness!!!

"Vintage and salvaged compositions furnish every surface of the dining room of Ruxbin, whose design mantra is “refurbished, re-purposed, and reclaimed.”  The restaurant is "crafted by Davide Nanni Italian-born designer, the director of AlterEgoForm, Salvage One's interior and architectural design company.  The cozy, low-lit setting is rife with raw and industrial elements like frosted glass lifted from the DJ booth at recently-shuttered West Town club Sonotheque; durable orange crates once used to ship apple juice, now repurposed as wall panels; and seating options that make use of seat belts, old theater chairs, church pews and used leather jackets." Quoted from

Ruxbin Kitchen, Chicago
851 North Ashland
Chicago, IL 60642

Check out the Ruxbin website to view the delicious menu! You won't regret it.


The view into the kitchen from the lounge/waiting area.

The waiting area where guests can relax with their BYOB before being seated. Major perk if there is a wait for a table.

Serving station made from recycled wood with view of dining area.

The decopaged ceiling---the paper is taken from old cookbooks!

View of the dining room from the waiting area.

Ruxbin offers a variety of fresh teas.   

This is the door to the bathroom! The designer used an old photobooth door to maximize space. It is genius. The customer actually needs to walk through the door and push it closed behind them.

This is the bathroom from inside.

THANK YOU RUXBIN KITCHEN!! Pic of chef Edward Kim (center) Vicki Kim (left) and Jenny Kim (right)
No relation. Image taken from

Sunday, February 6, 2011

POPS of PINK...Part I

If you are able to find the right shade of pink accessories for your home, the end result will be amazing. It is a good way to add color to any room and i've realized pink looks good with everything!  I have grey walls in my apartment and accessorize with lime greens and turquoise. I def think that hot pink accessories are  going to be my next purchase....I just have to find the perfect one!

These pink vases are an amazing find. The great thing about these vases are the color-it's the palest pink I would use in decorating without looking like bubble gum pink.

Pink Chairs!!!!