Thursday, August 25, 2011


There is not much I can say about this's simply disasterous. I mean, you cannot even see the floor. I wonder what the point of a closet and dressers are when they are clearly not even being used. Where does one even sleep when the mess gets to this point?!I would hope a friends house with a spare bedroom, unless they have a money tree and can stay at the Holiday Inn. This is a great example of how a bedroom can turn into  a landfill when they go ignored for a lenghtly periods of time. I generally would not dedicate an entire post to before and after pics, but this space clearly needed an intervention. I will say, this space took longer than I thought to organize, but when I was done, the outcome was amazingness!  It just took some good organization skills, creativity, patience and hard work. xoxo. Thanks for the awesome pics Lisa Delgadillo!!




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