Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Lately, my home office has been the couch or an uncomfy lawn chair, and I'm so over it. I'm not looking for anything extravagant, I just need a chair and a table where I can work and be inspired. Since most apartments don't have additional rooms or space to spare, I found some really great alternatives to home offices for small spaces. The key is to find an open nook or closet that can be used to mount an extra long shelf . If your lucky enough to have a large nook or closet, you can slide in a desk or leaning shelf. My desk is mostly paperless, but decorative storage boxes and bins are the key to keeping odds and ends organized. xoxo

With the clean lines and architecture, this desk can become a focal point and def add
 personality to a room .

This is genius-I luv the extra deep window sill as additional storage space.

This closet is large enough to double as a home office.

If you create an office from a closet, generally electrical is installed. Hanging the pendant light from the ceiling saves desk space and makes this space feel complete.

The leaning shelving are great for small space-I like the magnetic board customized to fill the space and use for additional storage.


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