Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sofa Sleepers that won't make you sleepy :)

Haha! I thought of such a cute title for this blog. Ok----moving on.  I have been working with a client that has zero space in her fabulous bungalow. Problem is, there are guests coming for an extended weekend and  there isn't anywhere for them to stay. This could be a problem. Unless, you think of a functional piece of furniture that can be used as a bed and couch....the sleeper sofa! Generally, when I think of sleeper sofas, I tend to think of a bulky/outdated couch that belongs in the basement where "leftover" guests stay.  But, I have been proved wrong! Take a look at these firece sleeper sofas that are functional,
stylish and chic that would look great in any room! xoxo David Edward Grand Island Sleeper Sofa

  1960's Danish Sleeper Sofa....listed on ebay!

Bifrost Sleeper Sofa

Lazy Luxury Sleeper: Convertible Push-Button Couch + Bed

ACME sleepersofa

                                          Simmons Upholstery Anthony Sleeper Sofa

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